VOLUME 1 : 1908 - 1915

Family History Library, Film #0863409

Microfilm of original records in the Clinton County Courthouse

Extracted by Ellen Kilbride Christopher (

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Thanks so much to Ellen for donating her time and the following records!

"To all my Duquette cousins: I have recorded as much information as I could decipher and the information will be as follows:

Page number of record, the entry number (if you wanted to order a copy of the marriage record from Clinton County), GROOM, AGE, RESIDENCE, OCCUPATION, BIRTHPLACE, FATHER, BIRTHPLACE, MOTHER, BIRTHPLACE, or IF NOT FIRST MARRIAGE, DATE OF MARRIAGE, PLACE OF MARRIAGE, WITNESSES TO THE MARRIAGE, BRIDE, AGE, RESIDENCE, OCCUPATION, BIRTHPLACE, FATHER, BIRTHPLACE, MOTHER, BIRTHPLACE. The original records also indicate whether it was a priest or minister who performed the marriage and the official's name. This was too much to copy, but if you find someone from your family, you can always order the record from Clinton County. HAPPY HUNTING!!!" -Ellen

Page 41, #205: ELMER DUPREY, 28, West Chazy, farmer, Mt. Pilus, VT., Zel Duprey, US, Eliza LaForest, US. Second marriage, first wife deceased, 24 August 1908, Altona, witnesses were unreadable, LILLIAN DUCATT, 18, Altona, NY, living at home, AUGUSTUS DUCATT, US., Georgiana Coutere (?)

Page 79, #393: Charles Douglas, 31, Plattsburgh, groceryman, Plattsburgh, Joseph Douglas, Canada, mary Douglass, Canada, 2 February 1909, Plattsburgh, witnesses J.B. DUQUETTE and Joseph Douglas. EMMA DUCATTE, 19, Plattsburgh, maid, West Plattsburgh, JOHN DUCATTE, Plattsburgh, Celia Germaine (?), West Plattsburgh.

Page 81, #402: CHARLES ST. DUQUETTE, Beekmantown, farmer, Plattsburgh, BENJAMIN DUQUETTE, West Plattsburgh, Mary Rivers, Plattsburgh, 22 Febraury 1909, West Chazy, witnesses BENJAMIN DUQUETTE and F.W. Pelkey. Etta Pelkey, 24 West Chazy, none. Point AuRocks, Isaac Pelkey, Coopersville, Rose (unreadable), Coopersville.

Page 125, #623: Edward Cassele, West Chazy, NY, farmer, West Chazy, NY, George Cassaele, US. And Marceline Parker, US. 18 October 1909, West Chazy, witnesses FRANK DUQUETTE and Mable Cassele. ELIZA DUCATT, 16, Beekmantown, no occupation, Beekmantown, JOSEPH DUCATT, US., Eliza King, US. Mrs. Joseph DUCATT signed the consent for the marriage.

Page 134, #668, Leo Trombley, 21, Plattsburgh, farmer, Plattsburgh, Joseph Trombley, Canada, Josephine Mora, Redford NY, 1 November 1909, Plattsburgh, witnesses JOSEPH DUCATTE and Maria Dec(??). MATILDA DUCATTE, 18, Plattsburgh, at home, Morrisonville, LOUIS DUCATTE and Louise Gratton, Dannemora.

Page 142, #707, SIDNEY DUCATT, 35, Lyon Mountain, Engineer, Ausable Forks, CHARLES DUCAT, US, Mary Milo, second marriage, 9 September 1909, Lyon Mountain, witnesses Charles Witkonky and Miss LOTTIE DUCATT. Louise Dubray, 19, Lyon Mountain, housekeeper, Saranac, NY, Louis Dubray, US and Margret Dubray, US.

Page 148, #732, Leon Burnham, 21, North Hero, VT, Isle de Matte, Samuel Burnham, US., Almira Coryer, Canada, 17 November 1909, Champlain, witnesses Lillie E. Cross and Myra D. Briggs. GEORGIA ANN DUQUETTE, 19,, Rouses Point, none, Rouses Point, JOSEPH DUQUETTE, Canada, Ella Lanvan, Canada.

Page 152, #760, Fred Brown, 23, Plattsburgh, farmer, Plattsburgh, William Brown, US, ?????? U.S., 31 December 1909, Morrisville, witnesses Frank St. John and Mrs. St. John. LAURA DUKETT, 18, Plattsburgh, none, Altona, WILLIE DUCATT, US., ??Patton, U.S.

Page 176, #876, Noah Eurbin, 19, Altona, farmer, Altona, Joseph Eurbin, US., Mary Patnode, US. Consent given by Mary Eurbin, his mother, 25 April 1910, Altona, witnesses EUGENE DUQUETTE and Velida Bushey. ANNA DUQUETTE, 17, Altona, housework, AUGUSTUS DUQUETTE, US. And Georgiana Couture, US. Mr. and Mrs. Augustus DUQUETTE signed the consent.

Page 178, #887, WILLIAM DUKATT, 23, Plattsburgh, laborer, Plattsburgh, MOSES KUKETT, NY. Mary Garrah, NY, 14 may 1910, Morrisonville, witneses MOSES DUKETT and Mary Dukett. Vina Brown, 19, Plattsburgh, housemaid, Plattsburgh, William Brown, Senior, NY and Liza Rivera, NY.

Page 200, #998, WILLIAM DUQUETTE, 19, Plattsburgh, laborer, Altona, JAMES DUQUETTE, US and Amelia Light, US. Consent given by Mr. and Mrs. James Duquette. 20 June 1910, Cadyville, witnesses Fred Rushe AND ANNA DUQUETTE. Julia E. Burnell, 23, Saranac, housework, Saranac, Francis Burnell, US and Cecelia Provo, US.

Page 216, #1080, Harry Albert Martin, 21, Plattsburgh, Albert A. Martin, NY, Isabel Tobias, VT. 24 October 1910, Plattsburgh, witnesses Aste Croix and Anastasie Richard. LOTTIE MAY DUQUETTE, 21, Plattsburgh, Shirt Factory Employee, Lyon Mountain, CHARLES DUQUETTE and Mary Milo.

Page 220, #1099, William Goldman, 23, 224 W 40 Street, NY., soldier, Brooklyn NY, Harry Goldman, Germany, Theresa Lyonss, NY, 24 October 1910, Plattsburgh, witnesses William James Harrison and NELLIE MAE DUQUETTE. IDA MAE DUQUETTE, 18, Plattsburgh, NATHAN DUQUETTE, NY, and Nellie Morgh, NY.

Page 224, #1118, ARTHUR DUQUETTE, 19, Schenectedy, machinist, Canada, STEVE DUQUETTE, Canada, Rachael Vigneau, 19 October 1910, Champlain NY. Witnesses George Phaneuf and Aurone Phaneuf. Adelaide Phaneuf, 20, Perrys Mills, no occupation, Perrys Mills, Joseph Phaneuf, Canada and Olive Lamael, Canada.

Page 228, #1136, FRED DUQUETTE, 26, Plattsburgh, barber, Plattsburgh, MICHAEL DUQUETTE, Canada, Clara Center, Canada, 2ND marriage, divorced (August 26, 1910), Plattsburgh, 5 December 1910, Ausable Forks, witnesses Agnes Nelson and William Nolan. Elizabeth Nolan, 28, Ausable Forks, shop work, NY, William Nolan, NY and Elizabeth Phillips. NY.

Page 236, #1180, JOSEPH DUFATTE (sic), 19, Plattsburgh, employed by D & H Railroad. Plattsburgh, LOUIS DUFATTE, NY AND Louise Grattah, NY, 9 January 1911, Plattsburgh, witnesses William Darrah and Anna DUQUETTE. MAUDE DEWHETTE (sic), 16, Plattsburgh town, housemaid, Plattsburgh, MICHAEL DEWHETTE, NY and Lena Rivers, Canada. (Note: I believe these are both Duquettes)

Page 238, #1189, EUGENE DUQUETTE, 21, Altona, farmer, Altona, AUGUSTUS DUQUETTE, Canada, Josephine Couture, Dannamora, 9 January 1911, Altona, witnesses Henry Eurbin and Minnie Licua. Prissla Lushy, 23, Altona, housework, Lyon Mountain, Louis Lushy, Canada, Mary Gary, Mooers, NY.

Page 266, #1328, Frank H. Castine, 29, Champlain, machinist, Champlain, Frank Castine, US, Maggie (?), 16 may 1911, Champlain, witnesses Delphis Larock and Rose Gauthier. Helen Gokey, 22, Champlain, Joseph Gokey, Champlain, MELVINA DUQUETTE, Canada.

Page 268, #1337, Patrick Corrigan, 25, Morrisonville, Guard, Clinton Prison, Dannemora, William Corrigan, NY, Ellen Patter, NY, 12 June 1911, Morrisonville, witnesses John Smith and Rose Corrigan. ANNA M. DUCATE, Plattsburgh, not employed, Altona, JAMES DUCATTE, NY and Amelia Light, NY.

Page 289, #1442, ABE DUCAT, 56, second marriage, Plattsburgh, livery stable, Plattsburgh, ABE DUCAT and Matilda Gebo, both born in Canada, 6 September 1911, Plattsburgh, witnesses A. Marion and ? Marion. Louise Meron, 45, third marriage, Plattsburgh, housekeeper, Charles Gratton, NY and Mary Lashway, NY.

Page 305, $1522, MIKE DUCATTE, 21, Plattsburgh, Dr.'s employee (?), West Plattsburgh, JOHN DUCATTE, NY and Celia (?), NY, 7 November 1911, West Plattsburgh, witnesses Mrs. Mary Emerich and Mrs. Elmira Quay. Maude Simmonds, 18, Plattsburgh, stay at home, Madison Barracks, NY, Orion Simmonds, NY, and Mary Ducheney, NY.

Page 321, #1601, ERNEST DUCATT, 22, Plattsburgh, D & H Roundhouse, Cadyville, JOHN DUCATT, Plattsburgh, and Celia (?) West Plattsburgh, 20 January 1912, West Plattsburgh, witness Ms. Elmira Quay. Mary Wellett, 22, Plattsburgh, laundry work, Plattsburth, Joseph Wellett, U.S. and Louisa Wellett, U.S.

Page 342, #1707, Alexander B. Hansbury, 26, Plattsburgh Barracks, Soldier, Philadelphia, PA, Washington Hansbury, PA and Josephine Bretner, PA, 9 MAY 1912, Plattsburgh Barracks, witnesses Mr. Wilbert Lawlor and Mrs. Louise Lawlor. May Carr, 19, Plattsburgh, shirt factory, West Chazy, Fred Carr, Canada, and MARTHA DUQUETTE, NY.

Page 425, #2125, NAPOLEON DUCETTE, 19, Plattsburgh, apprentice, Plattsburgh, JOSEPH DUCETTE, NY, Aurelia Brockney, NY, 24 May 1913, Plattsburgh, witnesses Euguene (?) and Della DUCETTE. Adelonia Martell, 18, city of Plattsburgh, none, Lyon Mountain NY, Napoleon Martell, NY and Victoria Brazzo.

Page 425 (?) 2167, James Joseph Bennett, 23, Waltham, Mass, laborer, NY City, "don't know parents" 27 May 1913, Dannemora, witnesses Sollez St. Onge and Anna Cameraire. ROSE DUKETTE, 19, Dannemora, NY, housemaid, Cadyville, JOSEPH DUKETTE, NY and Mary Liberty, NY.

Page 442, 2208, Harry Hall, 23, Saranac Lake, carpenter, Keeseville, NY, Frank Hall, US and May Burdick, US, 28 July 1913, Ticonderoga, witnesses (?). MAUD DUCATTE, 19, Altona, at home, Altona, WILLIAM DUCATT, and Rosa Peppin.

Page 452, 2259, Eugene Albert Plante, 21, Plattsburgh, moulder, Choes NY. Louis Plante, Canada and Agnes Aushlow, Vermont, 6 )ctober 1913, Plattsburgh, witnesses Napoleon Doucett and Joseph Doucette. DELLA DOUCET, 26, City of Plattsburgh, housework, Plattsburgh, JOSEPH DOUCET, NY. and Aurilla Brockney, NY.

Page 464, 2320, Edward Gardner, 21, Altona, farmer, Altona, Joseph Gardner, Agnes Dusco, Canada, 18 August 1913, Altona, witnesses Peter Gardner and Sarah Gardner. MELVINA DUQUETTE, 15, Altona, housework, Altona, AUGUSTUS DUQUETTE, US. and Georgiana Couture, US.

Page 512, 2564, William Henry Robinson, 24, Lyon Mountain, NY, clerk, Lyon Mountain, William Robinson, NY and Emma Plumber, NY, 18 June 1914, Dannemora, witnesses Frances Kimball and GEORGE DUCETT. PEARL MILDRED DUCETTE, 19, Lyon Mountain, lady, Dannemora, NY, LYMAN DUCETTE, NY, and Nellie Holt, NY.

Page 544, 2716, LAWRENCE DUCATT, 23, Cadyville, painter, Mass., JEFF DUCATT, NY. Flossie Boyer, 2 october 1914, Morrisonville, NY, witnesses Mrs. W. Wolcott and Lena Wolcott. Jeanette Lapine, 19, Cadyville, at home, Cadyville, Richard Lapine, NY and Sadie Norcross.

Page 555, 2774, George Brown, 20, Plattsburgh, farmer, NY, William Brown, NY, Elizabeth Rivers, NY. 12 october 1914, Morrisonville, NY, witnesses Frank Trombley and Ida Brown. GRACE MARGARET DUCATT, 17, Plattsburgh, at home, NY, JAMES DUCATT, NY, AMELIA LIGHT, NY.

Page 565, 2825, Joseph Stone Bruso, 20, Plattsburgh, auto chaufer (sic), Sowell, Mass, Gilbert Stone, Mass, unknown mother, 26 November 1914, Plattsburgh, witnesses THEOPILE DOUCETTE AND NAPOLEON DUCETTE. BESSIE DOUCETTE, 17, Plattsburgh, lady, Plattsburgh, PHILLIP DOUCETT, NY, and Adeline (??)

Page 590, 2948, LEOPOL DUQUETTE, 24, Hemmingford, PQ, farmer, Hemmingford, PQ, ALEX DUQUETTE, CANADA, and Josephine Abare, Canada. 10 May 1915, Champlain, NY, witnesses Eddie Obin and Hattie Rabideau. Lillian Rabideau, 21, Champlain, no occupation, Champlain, Napoleon Rabideau, US and Nellie Abare, US.

END OF VOLUME 1, TO BE CONTINUED... so stay tuned!